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November 23, 2005
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Define me by raichu288 Define me by raichu288

Thanks to Sade, we all know what Sadism is. ^^

Who should I define next? *looks at Prick*

Heheh, I like this pic a lot. :3 I would love crit, just don't bash me here. This was all without refrences.

This is the slightly resized version. To see it smaller, here's a link. [link] :D

Sade and art me.

..I have copyright power?
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Kawaii-Mew-chan Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2006
Nice charrie also mind a watch BTW, your art is very nice!!
Shadow-Dovie-13 Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2006
This really says a lot about him. Is he evil?
Shadow-Dovie-13 Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2006
Ah, a cool-as character, with his own word definition that I don't think anyone will use. I'm sorry if I sound harsh, but I really don't think anyone will use it.
GammoGahato Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2005
*didn't see this until now* All heaven (or hell? where's he from? xDD) has just been cleared for me now!
And dude!
Too hot! :D The glasses might need some shineh on them though. x3
LolaXRocket Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2005
Love it. The shading is very nice and the way the cigarette is kinda glowing kinda not is great. Keep up the good work!
GarnetHedgie Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2005
Gimme your shading powers. Now D: *hold out coffee cup*

I love this picture <333 Your shading's to die for, and the details are all so very nice :3 The cigarette looks great too.
FallInWings Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
wow, you did an awesome job with the colors and shading! you deserve a cookie!
Yami-Bakura-Sama Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2005
Oooh..... Spiffeh! :o

(The glasses look 3D w00t w00t!! :D)
Drowno Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2005  Student Interface Designer
that is f**kin awsome Rai
ShunFukushu Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2005
I love this a lot, it's awesome. I especially love the shine on the peircings and the detail on the cigarette. [And definitions on pictures = sex] You've improved on hands a lot since the last picture. (: However, there are still a few crits I have to make.

The glasses... the lenses would have shine on them. Also, there would be wrinkles on the shirt he's wearing-- unless he put too much starch in the shirt. ^^; There might also be one or two more wrinkles in the scarf, but not too many. And one last thing... the shadows cast by the shirt are too hard, and shoudl probably be softened like the rest of it.
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